Post TTS Match Thoughts 8/3/13

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Post TTS Match Thoughts 8/3/13

Post  Chatters on Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:52 am

Here are a few things that Soup and I discussed on the way to uni this morning. On the whole, I think we played well but there were a lot of really small mistakes which cost us caps and ultimately the first game. The good news is we think this can be fixed through some minor changes and continued practice.

1. Standoffs - we need to be more aware and know what everyone is doing in defense - yes they got a lot of lucky returns but we still need to make some changes. At the moment, I'm raider jammer but I'm not really effective at all. I'm considering the possibility of not running a jammer and just looking out for the inf. It would also be good to know what everyone else is playing, so we can balance out our classes.

2. Capping improvements:

2.1 We need better communication with D, just to let them know whats going on - especially when our flag is out.
2.2 We need to alter our routes (Talking with Soup) so we hit the stand from above in order to get optimal clearing - i.e. over the aqueduct - also not throwing 3 AP grenades is a good as the last one will definitely kill you.
2.3 We need to reduce the spread on Arx, Kata however was good
2.4 Ideally the same person shouldn't grab everytime. Know where you are relative to the others during final approach and adjust accordingly. Also watch where the stand D is looking.

3. Switching Strategies
3.1 We need to be more clear when we're changing strategy and how that will effect them. I think that the D should always play with 3 players, with Slip being a 'mid-field' offense - what I'm trying to get here is don't rely on Slip as a D exclusive player - (I'm just saying this, I don't know the details of how defense played).
3.2 We should give a '1 run' warning before changing strategies - e.g. next run - triple raider (said at the start of a run).
3.3 Switching to standoff more efficiently - we managed to get some good clusters but couldn't convert.

4. Timed returns - basically, say you have the return if you can return it anytime, not if you're 5 seconds out. Then if someone says return now, return now - not after a countdown or any fancy stuff, that lost us a few caps.

5. I've been thinking about Wrekin as roam and Logic on stand - Thoughts? I just think Wrekin is a more powerful dueler at the moment.

Other than those small slipups, I think we played really well, fix a few of those things and we'll be in business.

That's all we've got for now and Soup has a physics lecture to get to


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